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Enjoy Living a Good Life at Yashwin Supernova, Pune

October 19, 2021 | Silky Malhotra

Enjoy Living a Good Life at Yashwin Supernova, Pune

Yashwin Supernova, Pune is a unified and yet modern-day residential complex that is designed carefully with maintaining your connection to nature. With abundant amenities which comes with a graceful blend of comfort and luxury. Yashwin Supernova offers enriching living to its residents that are constructed in coordination with a current lifestyle.


And all this is design with all-covering the modern life built which covered around the essential institutions and ideas that will make the living fun and at the same time comfortable. As a high-tech society, the project bring the good Life to Pune. Here let’s know what makes it so satisfying –


  • Positivity – The developing life here fosters a cheerful outlook towards its residents, nature, and surroundings.


  • Relationships – As well all know that every moment becomes a cheerful memory once it is combined with the people you love and cherish. Most of the airy apartments here offer a variety of facilities that are going to help to cultivate that bond with your loved ones and spend most of the quality time together.



  • Sustainability – We understand the importance of resources when it is utilized carefully, and that’s what we also combine in all of its developments. With the cost-effective utilization of materials and energy, the project plays a very important role in the path to a sustainable life.


  • Fitness – An energetic and healthful lifestyle makes us ready for the upcoming course of life. With fully trained gymnasiums, yoga floors, and sidewalks in this property, you’re living in for a fitness voyage.



  • Motivation – It’s always good to be encouraged to get improved and becomes a better form of ourselves; hence it is suggested to live a life that drives us to grow up every day. Here, that’s what we wish to do, by helping inhabitants to take the lead a stronger, more contented, and more energetic life.


The Yashwin Supernova Tathawade is developed beautifully around these principles that encourage a more meaningful idea of self, encouraging a luxury standard of living at its best and yes having in mind to take care of the wishes and essentials needed for the different age- groups




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